Frequently Asked Questions


When do I get to put my room preference in and is it first in?

Room preferences are not provided until your final acceptance. It is not first in, all room preferences are taken into consideration and allocations are determined by room availability, and mixture on the decks. This being male / female ratio, disciplines, and where students are from. There are no guarantees of room preferences or an air-conditioned room.


Does my room have a telephone line and computer data link?

All rooms have a computer point provided and you will need to provide an Ethernet cable to plug into this. Phone lines are available however they can only be used for incoming calls. You do need to provide your own phone.


Do I have to bring my own bed linen?

A mattress protector, sheets and a Bedspread supplied and laundered weekly. You are more than welcome bringing your own bedspread and sheets however it is your responsibility to launder these. Towels and bath mats are not provided by the College.


Do I have to clear my room during the mid-year vacation?

Students are required to completely vacate their rooms. The College has storage facilities where students can store their belongings during the mid-year vacation period. A deposit is required for the supplied boxes.


How many students will I share with?

Each floor (or deck as they are known) has a maximum of 12 students including the resident assistant. All decks are co-ed.


What about bursaries?

Our College Council offers several residential scholarships each year for first year and continuing residents. Requests for scholarships can be made on application for residency at the College. In their first year, applicants will be requested to respond to a set of questions focusing on their career goals and reasons for selecting JFC.  Bursaries for continuing students are granted to students based on their academic performance and Grade Point Average. These bursaries are credited toward their residential fees.


Can I get a late meal if I have to attend a late lecture or tutorial?

Late meals are supplied for students attending late lectures or tutorials. The late meal must be ordered from the kitchen staff at either breakfast or lunch on the day it is required.  Students must supply their own plate. If students cannot be present for lunch, they are able to make their own cut lunch each morning at breakfast.


Are vegetarians catered for?

There is always a vegetarian meal served at each meal. If you have any particular dietary requirements, please let our Chef Manager know.


Where do I send my comments or questions?

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please contact us.