Our Vision and Values


Here at The John Flynn College, our vision is to provide a setting in which students can study and relax in a caring and safe environment, enjoying maximum personal freedom, while respecting the rights of others who live in close proximity.

We are a caring community and have our foundations firmly based on Christian values, and as such, we value trust, unity, safety and concern for each other. Accordingly, we require residents to be considerate and respectful of the needs of their fellows.

We value excellence in all endeavors and are committed to building an environment where residents can achieve academic, social, sporting, cultural and personal excellence.

Spirit is central to our community and we believe faith, tradition, mutual respect and equality supports our growth.

We value our heritage as we acknowledge the dedication of Reverend John Flynn to isolated and remote Australians, whose commitment to serve is the basis for all community members as they interact with one another. Furthermore, residents and staff of The John Flynn College take pride in the traditions, standards and ethos established by decades of commitment to academic excellence.

By choosing our College, students can be confident they will have access to strong academic and spiritual support; and graduate as confident and responsible citizens contributing to Australia and beyond.